Chèvre chaud, je t’aime

Dear readers, it is time to talk of one of my favourite French things, the culinary delight that is the chèvre chaud, the goat’s cheese salad.

This unequivocally French dish is one of the first typically French meals that I learned to love. There’s just something wonderfully decadent about a dish that identifies itself as an innocent & healthy “salad,” yet comes with generous dollops of melting creamy goats cheese on top. Now, that’s my kind of salad!

Being a chèvre chaud fan has led to my sampling of this brasserie staple in as many different eateries in Paris as possible. As it will appear on most menus, almost without fail, I appreciate when a restaurant makes a special effort to give their chèvre chaud a bit of extra je ne sais quoi, to make it stand out from the others. Garnishes such as, some kind of nut, honey dressings or grilled vegetables will ensure my faithful return to the establishment and reordering of my favourite dish.

So, after much research, I believe I have found Paris’ meltiest, goatiest, yummiest chèvre chaud and I’m happy to spread the news and share the joy…

Les 2 Singes – 42 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris, just a stone’s throw-away from Canal Saint Martin.

There are a number of reasons why it wins my much coveted (and imaginary) “Goats Cheese Choice Award.” Firstly, they have made the salad their own with a number of special ingredient, walnuts, grilled peppers, garlic croutons; secondly, they aren’t stingy and you get a decently sized portion; thirdly the service is friendly and the atmosphere is bustling but relaxed, perfect for a lunch with friends, and finally, it’s not expensive. The salad alone is 9€, but they also do very reasonably priced lunch time menus, incidentally their “plats du jour” aren’t half bad either and might even have you disloyally tempted away from your goat’s cheese salad!

So, to the inexplicably ape-ly named Les 2 Singes (if anyone has a clue as to the origins of its name, please do get in touch, I’d love to find out!) and all those who work in this fine French dining establishment, I say, merci beaucoup for all the scrumptious salads!

To the rest of you, I say, anyone free for lunch…?



  1. I agree, definitely worth trying!

  2. Johanna · · Reply

    Arg, c’est pas loin du tout des anciens locaux, ç’aurait été idéal pour une pause dej 🙂

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