Flat-hunting & Surviving on a Student Budget in Paris

Flat-hunting & Surviving on a Student Budget in Paris

Dear Readers,

Sorry for my silence in the blogosphere, but it’s for the very good reason that I am currently also imparting my Paris knowledge, wisdom and all round know-how to the readers of expatriate news website The Local.

These include a few articles that my Parisian readers might find particularly useful, which is why I’m posting them on here too.

See what you think of my top tips for Paris flat hunting, living life on a student budget in Paris and some humourous insights into French-expat relationships.





  1. Really enjoyed reading your article on surviving Paris on a student budget – it beats me how anyone – student, employee, millionaire – can survive the prices for goods and services within the boundaries of the Périphérique! You know it’s time for a rethink when you no longer wince at paying 4 Euros for a small coffee wherever you go.

    Still, Paris is the best city I’ve ever been to.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Gavin. I hope it was useful too.

      P.S. I would never pay €4 for a coffee 😉

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