The Parisians’ Guide to Cafés, Bars and Restaurants

Some of you may have noticed the rather prolonged absence of any new posts on souslestoits. Those who know the ways of the French may well have just assumed I was on a 6-month-long congé. Alas this is not the case. The truth is I have left my beloved Paris for pastures new in London.

Naturally the City of Light still holds a place in my heart – and always will – and I intend to visit frequently to ensure I am up to date with all the latest Parisian goings-on and French foibles; so I don’t see it as an ending, but rather as the beginning of a life-long love affair with Paris.

However, I would hate to forget any of my expat experience, so what better way to mark my five years in France than with the publication of my very first book?!

The Parisians’ Guide to Cafés, Bars and RestaurantsGuide book

Hopefully those of you who have enjoyed my Paris musingsand advice over the last couple of years will also trust my taste in places to eat and drink.

The guide has plenty of recommendations for discovering the bars and bistros with the best “je ne sais quoi” in Paris, and includes many of my personal favourites.


Until next time…


Also available on American Amazon


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