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How to be Parisienne – a basic guide

Ladies, are you new to Paris and desperate to acquire that je ne sais quoi that will make you instantly fit in as a true Parisienne, and have hordes of gorgeous Parisian men falling at your feet? Quoi? You’ve done your research and you hear there’s an excellent how-to guide called “La Parisienne.” Non, non, […]

The Truth About Gallic Gals

French women are surrounded by myth. They’re supposed to be the sexiest, the chic-est, the most feminine, the best mothers. The list goes on and isn’t helped by recent books like “French women don’t get fat” and “French children don’t throw food.” Sickeningly smug titles that can really make you want to slap someone, if […]

Paris party-ers to elect new Nightlife Mayor

Parisians to the polling station! This Saturday night will see the City of Lights hold it’s very first election for Nightlife Mayor! Finally Paris will have someone to represent the night-owls and maybe even revive Paris nightlife to its former glory. I can’t be the only one who finds the Paris nocturnal scene a little lacklustre […]

Le British Craze

Having lived in France for five years, the number of times I’ve heard my home cuisine insulted by a French person is too many to count. It seems to be wired into their DNA: French food is the best in the world (“mais bien sur!”) and British fare isn’t fit for an animal to eat. […]

French Party Perils

There’s nothing like an apero with your fellow expats for having a good grumble about your adopted country.  It all starts innocently enough, someone mentions a party they’re going to that weekend and is wondering what time to arrive. We all agree that it’s best not to arrive too early as no-one is ever on […]

Favourite Festive Things

It’s that time of year again, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and all that. Isn’t it wonderful? Well… No, not really. I am not a big fan of the festive season, or at least not in England anyway. I blame it on the winter I spent working in House of Fraser, a store like […]

La merditude du metro (the “charms” of the Paris metro)

When I first arrived in Paris, I actually liked the metro. I found a charm in the ridiculously long names of the stations and the busking accordion players who would alternate between Edith Piaf and La bamba! But oh, how the bubble has burst. Living too far to walk to work and not being a […]