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The Parisians’ Guide to Cafés, Bars and Restaurants

Some of you may have noticed the rather prolonged absence of any new posts on souslestoits. Those who know the ways of the French may well have just assumed I was on a 6-month-long congé. Alas this is not the case. The truth is I have left my beloved Paris for pastures new in London. […]

Expat au chômage

Having lived here for almost five years now, the “Paris Firsts” (new Parisian experiences) that dominated my first few years of French life have become few and far between, so it is rather disconcerting to find myself in a phase of my life which incorporates not just one Paris First (PF), but many, often on […]

Battling the Bureaucracy

My Dear Readers, I know I have abandoned you of late, but I promise I shall be back asap to regale you with more Paris survival tips, bar recommendations and the odd Franglais cock-up! In the meantime I hope my latest  article for American Woman in France will keep you going.  It recounts my first (but by […]

my expat (fruit) salad days

Tonight I found out the expat’s biggest weakness, the Achilles heel of living in a country that does not share your mother tongue. Allow me to share with you, then, my fall from the lofty heights of my bilingual pedestal. I had previously thought that the hardest challenge my language skills could face would be […]

I’ve been nominated!

Hello dear readers, Exciting news at Souslestoits HQ, I’ve been nominated for a blog award by the lovely people at expatsblog. If you’d like to help me win an award, go onto my listing on their site here and post a review, but hurry because they’re already in the process of selecting winners for each […]

Happy Paris-versary

Four years ago today, a newly graduated 23 year old of University of Liverpool’s Modern Languages department jumped on a eurostar to Paris, without a job or an apartment, hoping to make it her home and her future. Four years later she’s still here. Looking back objectively now it seems absolutely crazy. But at the […]

Paris & me